Business plan support for Children’s wearable technology


Project Description

Almax was engaged by Moochies – a manufacturer of children’s wearable technology, having their flagship smartwatch now in production in partnership with Telefonica & AT&T.  After success in the Australian market, where Moochies ran a successful trial version in Australia, where within less than 2 months all inventory sold out, with a 27% website conversion rate, generating $230,000 from a marketing spend of $19,000. the owner’s wanted to write a business plan to detail the company’s expansion into the European and US markets.  The smart watch gives the child the benefits of a connected smart device but with parental controlled protections to ensure the child’s safety.  Almax worked with Moochies to explain the process to developing a business plan and to identify the information gaps, the “to be” corporate structures, the product plan and financial projections.

Almax worked closely with the partners on their business plan. We helped them map out their revenues and expenses for the first three years, and also introduced them to a number of potential investors with interest in companies in their sector and at their stage.  They have since launch outside of Australia based on the insights, research and roadmap set out in the business plan.

  • Market research
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Financial Model
  • Strategy creation


Client: Moochies

Skills: Market Entry, Bid Modeling, Pricing Strategy

Release Date: March 2018