Our consultants provide a rare blend of strategic advisory and entrepreneurial experience across a wide range of sectors.
Almax is a venture support and strategy consultancy.

We work with clients – at all stages of growth – to tackle complex challenges and maximise opportunities in a constantly changing world. We are experts in business growth, pivoting and raising investments. We are not a “one size fits all”. We understand that every business is different and our team has a unique blend of skills and experiences honed through many years working at top tier management consultancies, in senior leadership positions in industry and founding, growing their own ventures.

Unlike many other consultancies, we do not learn on the job and aim to fix our fee as much as possible.  We only take on projects where we know that we can deliver and stick to our core competencies.  We take an objective view and establish with you the right way forward all based on established methodologies and frameworks.

We are always looking for ways to speed up the consulting process, all documents are executed electronically and we use collaboration software to work closely with our clients and minimise the impact on your day to day work.